Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Ode to Joe"

Happy Birthday, honey! I know Joey will find this super cheesy and make fun of me for it, but here are 29 great things about Joey!
1. He is a great hubby.
2. He is an incredible dad, man he loves our kids so much!
3. He converses with the TV during sporting events. He doesn't just yell at it like many sports fans, he actually has conversations.
4. He makes a mean mac n' cheese.
5. He loves root beer.
6. He loves two-day old, refrigerated brownies.
7. He doesn't show his romantic side often, but when he does it melts my heart.
8. He thinks I'm beautiful whether I'm all dolled up or 9 months pregnant.
9. He isn't easily intimidated (I wish I had this quality).
10. He is way too smart.
11. He wants to be on Jeopardy someday (and I know he is going to do it someday, see #10)
12. He wants to go skydiving but won't because it scares me to think of him doing it.
13. He loves Italian literature and art.
14. His dream job would be to teach high school English and coach football.
15. He tells it like it is and I need that!
16. He has strabismus, don't worry it isn't life-threatening, it's just a fancy way of saying he has a lazy eye.
17. He came up with Hayden, Lincoln and Jude's names.
18. He doesn't think so, but he has a great singing voice.
19. I love hearing him speak Italian.
20. He has very hairy legs and I like it!
21. He is very confident, and he should be, he is pretty fantastic.
22. He has very soft feet.
23. He loves getting his back scratched.
24. He can name artists and songs, from all genres, like nobody's business.
25. He doesn't like white sauces, no mayo, no cream cheese, no sour cream.
26. He plays tennis with me just cause I like it (he is really too good to play with me).
27. He is a great secret-keeper.
28. He expects a lot out of the people around him, but it's because he believes in the people around him.
29. I feel completely at home with him, that's more about me that him. He is a strong, honest, spiritual man and I'm lucky to call him mine!

Happy Birthday babe! Enjoy this last year of being in your twenties!

This is just about an hour after he asked me to marry him. Best decision of his life, I mean, best decision of MY life!

Playing with the kiddos!

I couldn't do the mom thing without an amazingly supportive husband. Isn't he handsome with our little Jude!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

All Smiles!

Yup, he's smiling and melting our hearts!