Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer In SoCal!

We went to the fountain at the Irvine Spectrum. It's a great outdoor mall that has two fountains, a merry-go-round, a ferris wheel, and a little train....oh and some great shopping! The kids love it and it's nice for them to get worn-out and take them home for naps!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Location, location, location...

Now that we've moved from LA to Rancho Santa Margarita, we finally got a security system....WHAT???

Now I know that RSM (that's how I will shorten Rancho Santa Margarita) is the safest city in the OC...okay, the 2nd safest city next to Laguna Woods which is a city designed for people 55+. Logically I know that we live in a safe community but Joey has a few business trips planned for September and October and the first I thought when he told me about them was, "Oh great, I'm not going to sleep a wink while your gone." At 2am, I'm not rational and I am a big baby. So for my sake, Joey spoke to his cousin who is a regional manager of a security company. Thanks Dave for hooking us up with a great system!!! I will feel much better now when Joey is gone.

Here is a picture of the Beach Club here in RSM. As a resident, you have access to this great pool that has sand and is just like the beach. Aren't the Santa Ana mountains in the background beautiful?

Here is our neighborhood pool...I'm just trying to show you all why I need a security system...okay, I'm really trying to persuade Peter and Jean to move down here. Miss you all!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun in the O.C.!!

Joey's parents were in town last week and we headed to Disneyland! Thanks Nonni and Bobpa for Hayden's beautiful Snow White dress.
The boys had to get their first Mickey Mouse Ears.
Hayden and her Bobpa...two peas in a pod!
When my mom was in town, Hayden got into her make-up and made her self look "lovely."
We owe my mom a new tube of lipstick!
Beach day!

Hayden's new bike!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Master Bedroom

The kitchen...Joey was cooking the kids's great to have him around for a few weeks before he starts work!
The kitchen table...our other table is in the dining room.
The family room.
The best room in the house...the laundry room!!!

Spencer and Lincoln's room
Hayden's princess retreat.
The living room...the light is amazing!
The entryway.

The guest room is still not finished so we will see when that gets done.

Thanks so much to my mom for helping us pack and helping so much with the kids during the bar. Also, thanks so much to Bob and Deborah for coming down and helping us with all the details over the last week...and thanks for Disneyland! Snow White (Hayden) had a great time!

Friday, August 8, 2008

We are here and Happy Anniversary!

So we are here at our new home in Orange County! We are still living in chaos so I will try to get pictures of the new house out in the next day or two! I love, love, love it here. I miss my friends more than I ever thought possible but I love having a house. I love sending the kids out to the backyard. I love the beautiful green scenery. I love the clean stores and the incredibly nice employees. Yesterday Hayden, my mom and I went for a Girls Night Out before my mom heads back to Tennessee. In the car, Hayden said, "Mom, I love it here...I love the trees, I love the cars, I love the mountains..." She went on and on.

Also, Joey and I are celebrating our 5th Anniversary today. We were married in the Oakland temple just 8 months after meeting. He is my Prince Charming. He makes me feel like a million bucks. On our first date, I was smitten. We played a card game on that first date and I thought he was crazy competitive...I didn't know then that he is just a sarcastic guy and likes to push peoples' buttons. I invited him to a party at my house the next week and he didn't show:( Before the party, I went to the restaurant I worked at and saw a friend of his who looked at me and said, "I thought Joey was out a date with you." I thought, "Nope, but that means he is on a date with someone else." So I too, went on a few dates thinking Joey wasn't interested or willing to date just one girl...then we saw each other on the BYU bus to campus and he realized he had to have me...I think. We started dating in February, got engaged on March 21 and were married on August 8. I love thinking about our first dates...La Dolce Vita, P.F. Changs and lots and lots of talking. We never ran out of anything to say. I have never felt more like myself then when I'm with him. He makes me feel totally comfortable and totally okay with just being me. He is one heck of a guy and I'm one lucky lady! LOVE YOU BIG TIME!