Friday, February 4, 2011

The Twins are 4!

Holy moly, where did the past 4 years go? I can't believe my little guys are 4.


Here is an excerpt from my journal on the day we found out we were having twins.

October 6, 2006

Yesterday was one of the best and most shocking days of my life. Joey and I went to the doctor hoping to find out if we were having a boy or girl. As the doctor was performing the ultrasound, a funny look crossed her face and she asked if we had already had an ultrasound. I said no and asked if she saw two babies in there… as a joke. She replied by asking if twins ran in either of our families. She saw two babies!!!!! Both boys!!!! Holy cow!!!!! We are having twins. We had to go back to the hospital last night to do a more detailed ultrasound to make sure the boys were in separate sacs and that they were healthy. Everything looked great and we were very relieved. Had there only been one sac, many complications could occur, so the fact that they are in separate sacs is huge. There is only one placenta so chances are they are identical, but we can’t say for sure. We have decided to name them Lincoln Joseph and Spencer Robert. I’m so excited and overwhelmed. I know Heavenly Father will help me do this. I know Joey is a wonderful supportive husband who will be there for me. I know Hayden is the sweetest little girl in the world and will be my little helper. I have the support of family and friends. We have a lot to do to get ready for these little guys!!! This better be the biggest surprise these two little boys ever throw my way!!! I love them already and look forward to having our family grow.

We are so blessed to have Spencer and Lincoln in our family. They are wonderful, sweet little boys.

Spencer is more social and likes to be in the middle of the chaos, but he also loves to hang on my leg in new situations. Spencer has this voice that I can't help but laugh whenever he talks. It's slightly Gilbert Godfrey-ish. Spencer loves, loves, loves back scratches. He also loves to have his armpit tickled.

Lincoln is little more serious. Even though the boys are identical, we say Lincoln is handsome and Spencer is cute. It's a good description of them. Lincoln loves me to sing into his ear at bedtime. I think it tickles him and relaxes him. Lincoln is more sensitive than Spencer.

The boys both love trains, cars, and the trampoline. They love the park and they love water. The would live in the bathtub if I let them. They love to look for bugs and babies (they call BBs from the neighborhood boys babies and they have a special place in the back yard they keep them).

The boys love each other so much! It's been so fun to see this amazing relationship grow. These little guys have the same DNA and they are so alike in so many ways, yet they are such individuals. I love having these guys be a part of our family! We love them so much!