Sunday, March 11, 2012

30 in 10

Just 7 months after we met, Joey and I were sealed in the Oakland Temple. We did a lot of planning from Utah and my mother-in-law was a rock star wedding planner! My parents lived in Tokyo, Japan at the time and Deborah didn't mind helping with the wedding. She has 3 sons so I told myself it was a blessing she ended up having so much of the planning on her shoulders...but maybe that's just to make myself feel better for having her work so hard!

I remember we had a fun wedding dinner the night before at a great boutique pizza shop. We also had gelato brought in because Joey loves gelato. It was great for the families to get to know each other a little bit. Mind you, this week of wedding festivities was the first time Joey had met my parents since they lived overseas and had not been back while we were dating.

The night before the wedding I didn't sleep a wink! I sat and talked to my mom and sister and finally forced myself to try to get some shut-eye. I woke up and had the most excited feeling. I remember sitting in the bathtub and just thinking about the wonderful events that were about to take place. I went and got my hair and make-up done and then I drove to the temple with my dad. We had to stop and get gas on the way there and my dad bought me a granola bar. Whenever I see that particular type of granola bar, I think of my wedding day!

I remember walking into the temple and seeing Joey and feeling so much peace. I loved being near Joey and feeling so safe.

After the temple sealing, Joey and I went out and met all our friends and family who were waiting outside. It was such a joyous occasion! We took pictures, then more pictures, and then a few more pictures!

Joey and I headed back to San Jose in his dad's car and he dropped me off at my hotel so I could get my things for the reception. It was weird to be separated from him for those few hours! We were just married but we had things to do to get ready for the PARTY that was about to happen. I ate a whole box of Teddy Grahams and then headed to the reception.

The reception was amazing! The food was great! The decor was beautiful! The music rocked! It was perfect! It was the best day ever!

The head table (our name places were mini Martinelli's bottles with personalized labels and the guests got to take theirs home)

Cutting the cake

The dancing was awesome! We danced and danced!

After the reception we headed to San Francisco and stayed at the Marriott hotel and woke up early the next morning and went to Oahu for our honeymoon.

I'm grateful my best friend asked me to be his wife. I'm grateful each day for him! Joey is one heck of a guy!


Elizabeth said...

Very good memories :) You were a beautiful bride!

Dede said...

That was such a beautiful day. Sure love you and Joey.

Susan Hymas said...

It was fun to see those pictures and hear some of your wedding story :)


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