Monday, March 12, 2012

30 in 8

Just 9 months after Joey and I got married, I got pregnant with Hayden. We were so excited! She was my little buddy! Joey started law school and Hayden and I did everything together.

I love this picture! Joey loves playing with our kids. He is a great dad! At night when I'm calming the kids down, I usually have to say, "Hayden, Spencer, Lincoln, Jude and Daddy!!! Calm down!"

Me and my little buddy:)

This picture is from the first night in our apartment in Los Angeles. Our furniture didn't arrive when the moving company said it would so Hayden slept on a blanket. I can't imagine one of our boys sleeping so peacefully but she slept great that night!

This might be my favorite all-time picture of Hayden. Her smile and her eyes are beautiful in this picture!

I'm grateful for motherhood. Being a mom has taught me to be less selfish (still working on that one), to be kind, to see others as children of God, and to want more for others that I want for myself. My children are examples to me. They are teaching me how to love. I have a huge responsibility to teach them but each and everyday they teach me something too.


Dede said...

Oh how I adore Hayden. She is such a joy to be with. Thank for being my little buddy.

Elizabeth said...

Hayden is such a doll. Love that little girl who is growing into such a lovely and talented big girl! Just like her mama!!