Wednesday, March 14, 2012

30 in 6

Little Jude was born on Nov. 22, 2009. My pregnancy with him was really, really tough. I had an eye condition (that the doctors still don't know what it was) and I lost vision in my right eye and lost much of my sight it my left eye. I also had muscle issues and the muscle above my left eye weakened and my eye looked half-closed and I had extreme light sensitivity. I remember being very down during the pregnancy but after he was born thinking that all the hardship was worth it to have this perfect, wonderful little baby.

Motherhood is hard, motherhood isn't glamorous, motherhood tests us and sometimes we want to throw in the towel and say "I give up!!!". But it's worth it. There are moments that make it all worth it. Like when I held Jude for the first time. Or when my kids insist I hold them because no one else will do. Or when Hayden draws me a picture because I'm having a hard day. Or Spencer laughs so hard because he is just enjoying life. Or Lincoln comes in and says, "Mom what can I do to help you?" Or Jude says, "Mom, play wif me??" My children bring me more happiness than I could imagine. I love you Hayden, Spencer, Lincoln, and Jude!!!!!


Dede said...

Katie you are such a great mom. It isn't easy and kids come without a manual but being a mom was and is this most rewarding and enjoyable profession I ever had.

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