Tuesday, March 13, 2012

30 in 7

Twins! Yup, I had twins 5 years ago. We were shocked when we found out it was twins. I was reading in my journal and I love that I have kept a record of how I was feeling during the pregnancy, how I tried to balance having a barely 2-year-old and brand new twins and how I felt. Sometimes I shake my head and laugh at myself and sometimes I am impressed at my insight. Journals are so important and reading mine reminds me how important it is to keep up in my writing. So to my almost 30-year-old self, please keep writing in your journal!!

Reading in my journal, I also realize I couldn't have made it through those last weeks of pregnancy and first few weeks of the boys' lives without Bob and Deborah, my mom, and Jeff and Dianne! We had a great support system and our families were really good to us. Thanks for flying in last minute and taking care of us! And Jeff, thanks for teaching Hayden bad habits (see food??)

Here is my big belly just a week before the boys were born (so this was at 34 weeks) My face is not pictured cause I carried about 30 of the 55 lbs. I gained in my nose!

My boys!
Love this picture of Spencer and Lincoln!


Elizabeth said...

I love those boys. SO amazing and fun and rambunctious. My favorite kind of boys. Love you Spence and Link!

Dede said...

Ditto to what Liz said. Love you.