Thursday, March 8, 2012

30 in 12

Yes, I missed some days and I'm just going to skip them because it will make my life a little easier:)

College! I loved college! I had great friends and we had a great time! My Darcy, Meagan and Megan made life fun and we had some great times. (This picture is missing Megan and Alisa is in it...sorry I didn't have one of all 4 of us)

Megan has been one of my closest friends since 7th grade. We were freshman roommates and she was always a rock for me. She was friends with everyone and was always up for a party! She gave so much of herself and even spent a semester in Guatemala teaching English. She was very independent and never did anything just because it was cool. She did things because she wanted to do them. She could get any guy to like her...she had a knack for hanging out with a guy and just being cool and then before you knew it, the guy was madly in love! She listened and still listens whenever I need her and I'm so grateful for her! (Are you glad I didn't post "the picture"?)

Meagan and I had way too much fun together! We were so spontaneous and if we were always up for anything. Weekend in Vegas, let's go! Snowboarding trip to Colorado, when can we leave? We were each like a half of a whole. We ate the same food, worked at the same places and even dated some of the same guys (no Joey was not one of them). Hill Air Force Base, baseball players and late nights to the gym. Her family was very good to me and let me crash Thanksgiving. I loved that her parents loved me for me but expected me to be better. I felt like a 6th child. We could talk about anything and I'm grateful she is still a part of my life.

Darcy is one of those amazingly talented people who write their name and you can tell they are artistic. She was always cooking something yummy. She has the best laugh! When were 18-years-old she would give me advice and I felt like I was talking to an old woman. She is wise! She is beautiful and she has finally come to grips with that at 30-years-old. She was always hard on herself but has realized how wonderful she is. Love you Darcy!

I'm so grateful for these three wonderful women in my life. They are wonderful and I'm grateful we've grown together. Now instead of figuring out what to wear to a party on Friday night we talk about how the only day we take a shower in Sunday! Love these ladies!!!


Blake and Meg said...

I hope there aren't several copies of my response, but for some reason it hasn't been posting:/

First of all, thank you Katie. It was wonderful reading such beautiful comments about myself and my girls!

But now it is time that I write about Katie, the other member of our college crew:

Katie is one of those girls that you just want to be friends with. Her sense of fashion always made me want to raid her closet and her sudden outbursts of dance (usually with Meag) made me want to let loose and love life. But mostly she is the friend that although we are separated by thousands of miles, I can call at any time for a pick me up. I have known Katie for 17 years and she has been there for some of the most important parts of my life... middle school (hello? social suicide), my lovesick first boyfriend, my move to Washington, EFY, my D- in college calculus, my wedding and so many more.

...just like I said, Katie is the girl you just want to be friends with. I'm so glad we are! Love you.

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