Monday, March 19, 2012

30 in 4, 3, 2

I skipped a few days, but I have a really good excuse! Joey took me to Palm Desert for a weekend retreat! It was fabulous. The weather could have cooperated a little better but we made the best of it. Joey's parents came down and watched the kids so we had a great, kid-free weekend.

We headed out Friday morning and hit the Cabazon outlets. We found a few small items and had a great time going into any store we wanted without worrying about how much longer the kids would be able to shop.

We stayed at the JW Marriott in Palm Desert and it was beautiful! It sits on a small lake and there are boats that take you from the lobby to the different restaurants. It is very cool!

Before dinner on our last night.

We slept in one day and then went to the gym but still felt like breakfast at noon, so we went to IHOP and enjoyed a yummy breakfast (it was good but this didn't even compare to breakfast on our last day!)

Joey spoiled me and bought me this beautiful diamond ring! The jeweler described it as a "bed of diamonds".

This is the restaurant where we had the BEST breakfast. It was a great little French cafe recommended to us by our good friends, the Bennetts.

Holy moly! Snow on the drive home!! What in the world!!!

What a great trip! Thanks honey!


Dede said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. It looked like a great trip. I absolutely adore your ring. It is beautiful but now as beautiful as you. Love you.

Dede said...

Supposed to be not as beautiful as you.....

Elizabeth said...

What a great trip. Love the bling :) Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Love you!

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Rob said...

In this post you started out with "I skipped a few days". Seems this was your last post in several years.
I wonder "why" you just stopped? Merry Christmas.

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