Sunday, March 11, 2012

30 in 9

Wow, I'm going to be 30 in just over a week! It's a little hard to believe! I'm really excited cause my sweetheart is taking me on a weekend getaway and my in-laws are going to take care of the kids.

I've been thinking about these 30 in 30 posts I've been doing. The other day I thought, "Is this a little self-indulgent?" And you know what, it might just be. But I justify all my "Katie" posts on the fact that I spend so much time scrapbooking for my kids and writing down memories for them because I think it's important for them to have wonderful memories to look back on and I wanted that! I wanted to remember and enjoy:) So even though it's been a lot of Katie, I will get back to more kid stuff soon:)

So I'm going to rewind just a bit. I went through the temple just about three weeks before Joey and I got married. I went to the Mount Timpanogos temple in American Fork, Utah. I am so grateful for temples. I'm grateful that I live near a temple. I love the feeling I have when I'm in the temple and that, for just a moment, I have clarity. Isn't this a beautiful picture?? It really is a little bit of heaven on earth.


Lee Fam said...

not self-indulgent at all...i love what you've been doing and i hope you don't mind but i'm going to do the same thing after seeing this...what a great way to look back and think about all the great things coming out of our first 30 years.

Elizabeth said...

I don't think it is self indulgent! I think it is awesome! That was a good day. Love you!

Dede said...

I think this is great. You are writing a history and a wonderful history it is. I also think it is awesome of you to share it with others. Love you so very much.

Susan Hymas said...

I don't think this is self indulgent! It's giving me a chance to get to know you better since we've never really spent much time around each other. At least not since we were kids and I don't even know if you would remember when Aimee and I came to visit you guys. Not only have I thought this has been a great way to get to know you better, but it's been inspiring to me to write on my blog as well.

The Timpanogos Temple is the one that I went through for the first time as well. I finally got my act together and went through in 2009. Actually I just realized that besides two different sealings, it's the only Temple I've been too since I was a teenager and doing Baptisms. It's a beautiful Temple and I love that it's so close. I guess I've got lots of close Temple options though.. I really have no excuse to not go through more of them. :)

I love you Katie. You've got a beautiful family and I hope that even after your 30th that you will keep sharing such great stories. :)